Homenaje a Eddie Torres (The Mambo King)

Written by on April 24, 2017

Eddie Torres (born July 3, 1950), also known as “The Mambo King”, is a salsa dance instructor.[1] Torres’ technique developed from various sources including Afro-Cuban son, mambo, and North American jazz dance. [2] He is one of the more popular dancers of New York style salsa. He is famous for his way of dancing and teaching salsa, with the female starting to move forward (always On 2 timing).[3] Torres’ style can be contrasted with the more showy Los Angeles style.[4]

Eddie has been dancing and teaching salsa for over four decades, he has trained thousands of dancers[citation needed], including some of the most important dancers and instructors of the Big Apple and all over the planet like Delille Thomas (Mambo D), Wilton Beltre (the founder of Santo Rico Dance Company), Adolfo Indacochea, Franklin Diaz, Frankie Martinez, Arieh Alexander, and Seaon Bristol[citation needed]. He also has a children’s dance program that teaches approximately three hundred students a year.[citation needed]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Torres


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