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Es El Sonido Que Dicta La Ley A native of Guadeloupe ” West Idies ” by my mother I like the Afro-Caribbean music, kompas, zouk, salsa … Collector of vinyl 33t – 45t – Cds are part of my life Dj. One question, how to live and share my passion with others. SAL’SOUNDS 70’S was […]

Dj ElelaClaveSF (AKA Felipe Martinez) was born in Colombia, and moved to the US in 1998. He started dancing in 1999 and was part of the original SalsaMania team until 2001. He danced with Mambo Romero from 2001/2008 performing at many events and salsa congresses around the US and Puerto Rico. Felipe began his career […]

It was 1997 when I first came across a training video tape of Eddie Torres while studying in Mexico City. I watched it and I was fascinated with how simple he was able to break down patterns and his depth of understanding about musicality, as well as how respectful he was treating both his partner […]

Stefano Amato alias DJ El Malo was born in Zurich in 1975. He developed a great passion for the music already in his childhood. As a teenager he experimented himself in different styles of music, like: House, Hip Hop, R&B and could herewith bring his mixing to perfection, expand his repertoire and amplify his knowledge […]

Full name: Mario G Gatica He was born in Guatemala and raised in Los Angeles showing. Having the mixture and influence of both Guatemalan and American culture, he is considered one if the top dj’s in the LA salsa/mambo scene. At a young age, he became part of the underground/house/techno/drum&base movement in the Los Angeles […]

“A purveyor of rare and infectious Latin vinyl grooves for a unique party atmosphere.” Hailing from Sydney (and currently based in Dubai), DJ Gabriel specialises in collecting rare & obscure vinyls from the 60s and 70s era. His passion and spirit of adventure takes him near and far to find rare sounds from any part […]

The VibraSÓN band was formed in mid-2013 to fulfill a long yearning of its leader Jake Jacobs, an accomplished salsa dancer and instructor for over 20 years to bring some of the greatest dance music back into the live music scene. The concept was to play the music of an older era with a hip […]

A veteran bay area dj with a long track record both on the salsa community as a dj and multi-disiplinary array of music to make the dancer dance like there is no tomorrow. Known for owning one of the most extensive collection of records plus an extra copy he sure knows how to set the […]

__ Bringing the old school flavors back from the 60s and 70s salson is known for making dancers as well as non-dancers want to dance. Mario Cortez (vocalista), Josh Alfaro (vocalista) , Christian salas (conguero band lider}, Kevin Bryson (trombone) , Tony bella (bajo guitarra) , Papo Martínez (timbal), Faris Jahar (trombone) ,Mario Cortez (vocalista), […]

Eddie Torres (born July 3, 1950), also known as “The Mambo King”, is a salsa dance instructor.[1] Torres’ technique developed from various sources including Afro-Cuban son, mambo, and North American jazz dance. [2] He is one of the more popular dancers of New York style salsa. He is famous for his way of dancing and […]